Distasis - short for DImensional STASIS - is the name of the multimedia zine I publish and also the name of my former fiction archive. The current incarnation of this site contains links to writing related resources and some of my own work.

My Writing

I'm making my Brainstorming for Writers interactive story available through my web site again. If you want to interact with a story or just brainstorm some story ideas, please try it out.

Writing Resources

I've collected some links to helpful writing resources.

I've been looking into good ways to create books and publications using a programming editor and Open Source software. The results can be found in my article, From Document to Book from the Programming section.

For more Open Source software you can use with a programming editor or run stand-alone, check out my writing tools page.

Want to convert a story so you can read it on your portable video player? I have some tips in my article, Using Open Source Software with Portable Players from the Recipes section.

For tips on using your laptop, netbook or PC as a e-book reader or to view multimedia applications, check out my E-Books and Multimedia article.

Mailing lists for Writers

I currently have two writers' mailing lists. Both are open to all age groups to participate, so all writing sent to the list most be suitable for all ages to read. I also have a mailing list for discussing web design and media archive related issues.

Public Domain Fan Fiction

If you're interested in writing and want to do something besides the usual fan fiction, check out my article Public Domain Fan Fiction. It's an attempt to take the best of the fan fiction and Open Source/Creative Commons worlds and merge them. Would love to have further participation by any authors or readers who are interested in this subject. Please read the article for more details. Feel free to join the WStorm mailing list mentioned above to further share ideas and stories in this area.

I've also collected some links to helpful resources about the Public Domain. More updated links and further finds will be shared on the WStorm mailing list.

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