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All of my home pages, with the exception of this one, follow the XHTML 1.1 standard or the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard. This page will continue to be maintained using the HTML 2.0 format, while necessary, for backward compatibility. I also design my sites for easy accessibility for the visually impaired. I will be maintaining these pages so that they validate correctly for W3C XHTML and general accessibilty standards.

For years, I've tried to view pages with lynx only to find site maintainers tell me to get another browser when I cannot properly see their pages. I am loathe to make the same suggestion to others. However, I simply cannot maintain compatibility with every single browser on the market.

If you are having trouble viewing these pages, here are some suggestions.

Any pictures, Javascript or Java included on these pages should not be necessary for understanding content. Thus if your browser does not support them, you should still be able to access the information.

I've designed this site specifically to be fast-loading for people with limited or slow Internet access and attempted to make it readable for people with unusual browsers or with other accessibility issues and impairments. I realize blogs are the current in-thing and people are now so used to seeing them, they think they should be the norm. However, I find the software used to create blogs incredibly slow, bloated and poorly designed and written. It's basically over-kill for the purposes of a site like this one. My goal is to continue to maintain this site in the most readable, accessible and fast-loading manner I can. It's not designed for lots of bells and whistles or showing off the latest "in" techniques. It doesn't subscribe to the practice of a picture being worth a thousand words. It's written for that 20% of the population who prefer written and aural over the 60% that prefer visual. It's designed simply to provide and consolidate useful information and it continues to do this job for me or I would not continue to maintain it.

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