Entertainment, hobby & custom software

We specialize in small scale projects.

Looking for a program for your computer or web site, 
but can't find it?  We
write programs to your specifications from

We also do web sites, technical writing, documentation and articles on programming upon request.

Intercomp creates custom and personalized software. Have a specific type of program in mind? Let us know.
contact distasis at distasis period com
| We have experience in C++, C, PERL, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, HTML and XHTML, XML, BASIC, LISP and AUTOLISP, PASCAL, FORTRAN, CLIPPER and other languages on several platforms.

We've written software for the Internet and for communications between computers, 
programs that make use of sockets, specialized applications that work with Oracle, ODBC, Dbase compatible
systems and other databases, web pages, CGI programs, utilities and much more.
We specialize in cross-platform compatibility.

Want a sample of our work?  Check out Intercomp's POP3 socket code,
originally published in the December 2000 issue of Dr. Dobb's.