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This is a list of resources of interest to those creating their own web sites or working with XHTML or HTML 5. I have others I'll be adding as time allows.

Web Design Resources Topics

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For those with non-commercial sites who are interested in free web space, you might want to check these out:

    For hosting podcasts.
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    Run a search on reviews for a particular company name.


See my list of Open Source Alternatives for other options.

  1. text editor - Scite
  2. graphics editor - rendera,
  3. graphics editor - mtpaint,
  4. graphics editor - Gimp,
  5. graphics converter - GraphicsMagick,
  6. Html Help Image Editor,
  7. CamStudio,
  8. ftp - Filezilla,
  9. telnet,
  10. IM - Miranda,
  11. Stylish - CSS customization add-on for Firefox and Chrome,
  12. browser - lynx,
  13. browser - links,
  14. browser - Firefox,
  15. browser - netrider,
  16. browser - Fifth,
  17. GUI web editor - Kompozer,
  18. GUI web editor - Amaya,
  19. GUI web editor - BlueGriffon,
  20. e-mail - FoxMail,
  21. e-mail - Sylpheed,
  22. Less,
  23. Zip,
  24. 7Zip and 7za,
  25. gsar (general search and replace),
  26. preprocessor and make programs,
  27. gpp (general-purpose preprocessor),
  28. ps - Ghostscript,
  29. ps - html2ps,
  30. ps - a2ps,
  31. ps - enscript,
  32. pdf - PDFCreator,
  33. pdf - pdf toolkit,
  34. pdf - wkhtmltopdf,
  35. pdf - htmldoc,
  36. pdf - poppler,
  37. pdf - xpdf,
  38. pdf - mupdf,
  39. pdf for Windows - Sumatra,
  40. drip - IE memory leak detector,
  41. Firebug - debugger for Firefox and Chrome,
  42. JavaScript library - graphics/animation/graphs,
  43. JavaScript library - graphs/plotting,
  44. JavaScript cufon fonts,
  45. mobile app creator - MoSync (C/C++ and HTML/CSS/JavaScript),
  46. mobile app creator - Apache Cordova (HTML/CSS/JavaScript),
  47. mobile app creator - MIT App Inventor,

Online Tools

  1. XHTML Validator,
  2. CSS Validator,
  3. CSS examples,
  4. CSS3 examples,
  5. Feed Validator,
  6. Accessibilty checker,
  7. Accessibility checker,
  8. Accessibility checkers,
  9. Accessibility checkers,
  10. color checker,
  11. color contrast checker,
  12. 3d titles,
  13. browser viewer,
  14. link checker,
  15. Javascript lint code checker,
  16. Javascript minimizer, - see JavaScript link
  17. JavaScript cufon fonts - font converter,
  18. my Atom feed generator


  1. Intercomp - creators of customized software and web sites. They helped make this page a reality.
  2. XHTMLDesign mailing list - discuss web page design with other web site owners. Mainly for web sites that have fiction archives, but discussion on topics such as web site readability and standards is welcome.
  3. My Programming References page has a list of my favorite reference books for web based programming.
  4. HTML reference,
  5. HTML reference,
  6. HTML tutorials,
  7. CSS examples,
  8. Canvas demonstrations,
  9. HTML accessible navigation,
  10. browser quirks,
  11. mail tutorial,
  12. file formats,
  13. Perl tutorial,
  14. Perl CGI tutorial,
  15. Flash development tools,
  16. usability, color tutorial,
  17. html, css and printed material,
  18. browser compatibility,
  19. Wordpress tutorial, Karol wrote to me recommending this guide to starting a Wordpress web site.

To information on Intercomp.

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