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Where To Find Free and Open Source Software

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In General

Some good places to look for the best in Open Source Software:

Ways to run Linux or Unix programs on Windows systems:

Multimedia - Music and Video Programs

Some utilities to record your screen or create tutorials:

Cross-platform slide shows

Software for Creative Works

Graphics programs




Portable and Mobile Computing

Software for Social Media

File formats - Data formats

Programming Languages and Tools

Educational Software

Good resources for education:


Math, English, Typing Help

Science Related

There are some great astronomy programs available in the Open Source community.

See for portable versions of Celestia and Stellarium to name a few.

Storytelling Software

Health and Nutrition

Green Machines

Help keep the environment safe and help those less fortunate own computers by recycling and reusing older machines instead of throwing them away.

Compatibility Software



Open Source Collections

CD Collections and covers:

Creative Commons, Public Domain and Other Open Licensed Multimedia Resources

General Open Source Multimedia Resources:

Books and writings:


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