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I've seen several posts in newsgroups, forums and mailing lists asking for reference books. Here's a list of some of my favorite reference books and magazine articles.

Computer Programming

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This is a list of some of the algorithms books I've found useful when programming.


If you want to learn C++, these are the books to read. Also, if you want a good reference for STL, check out the Rogue Wave reference materials on the Standard C++ Library (available at various sites on the web).

File Formats

I'm always collecting books on various file formats. There's some good online references such as Wotsits. However, if you're interested in a printed copy of information on various graphics file formats, Steve Rimmer has written some wonderful books to explain not only common formats, but how to write code to view them. I've listed a few of them.


A lot of the best information on web sites and programming for them is online. See my Resource Page for Web Designers for some of them. Once in a while, you want a text reference in book form. Here are a few good ones.


Here are the books and articles I found most useful when learning and working with Java. The first two should be enough to get programmers new to Java up and running.


I have at least three books on Perl in my personal library, including some of the more popular ones, but don't find them great for reference or learning. There are some very nice tutorials on the web for learning Perl that are much more self explanatory.



For books on multimedia programming, I've worked with and found the following useful. Also listed are some magazine articles with hard to find examples for coding sounds. Check the CppDesign mailing list for more information on free C/C++ multimedia libraries.


If you're trying to learn Windows programming, these are the books that got me started.

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